08 August 2011

Organizing Scarves

Drawer is something most people neglect to organize since the messiness of it we can barely percieve. Close a drawer and it will appear tidy.  These days I have seen that my closet is kind of a jungle that houses lots of creatures, running out of space. Settled to reorganize the relatively small closet. Took out old swimwears that were most probably will no longer be used. The empty drawer was then used to store scarves which formerly hanged inside the closet. They were rolled so as to maximize space and keep all of them visible (easier to find when you need a certain scarf). Advantage of not having a toddler nor sisters to jumble the closet..it stays organized..( missing our little carrie and my sisters)..

Tip for shopingera in Pinas - tons of chic scarves in SM Dep´t Store...some on the pics got ém there.

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