04 August 2011

Inconsistently Cold or Warm

August is inconsistently cold or warm in Brazil. One day it is sunny, following day gloomy, then rainy, freezing the next. This week, just from Monday to Thursday the pattern was like this. If you are a tourist planning to visit Southeast part of Brazil in August you better prepare all types of clothing. Winter in Brazil comes in spurts contributed by series of cold fronts from Argentina.

Today was chilly despite the raging heat from the sun. It is me and my tripod once again. This time outside the lake. In an almost all-black ensemble before sunset I took advantage taking photos on a street where cars seldom pass.

 dumond shoes vintage jacket and shirt loba tights hering shorts

 can still wear short shorts in winter..glaring sun made it possible

 tough to wash hair everyday, a day without a wash so I opted to wear a messy bun

sunset..i got the point where the sun beamed..that explains a better quality photo..natural light
 messy bun at the back..lots of hairpins

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