26 July 2011

Vintage Accessory Finds

I happen to love vintage accessories since I was a kid. Whenever grandma open her "baul" (wooden chest) and show us old stuffs, I would always get delighted. Old things kept for a long time exudes gentleness of the keeper and wisdom brought by its memories. Yesterday, I found these vintage pieces that greatly pleased me. More delighted when I found out some of them were on sale. Imagine how will these pieces make your outfit lovelier. There is no better place for them but my closet thus, the purchase.

turquoise cameo jewelries ( ring and earrings)

victorian earrings

Ring (set of 5) - would like to call this sisterhood rings..representing sisterhood with my favorite ladies re mom Marina, my 3 sisters Cyrille, Carol, & Cathy and my only niece Carrie. somehow I´m drawing them near by wearing this set everyday...

bella bjoux & kall importados

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