21 July 2011

Motivation Elusiveness

Motivation is quite difficult to grasp these past months. When the weather started freezing so has the inspiration to workout. It´s been two long months that I have not exercised properly. When I say proper exercise I mean at least hitting the gym thrice a week, lifting weights and pumping up energy with cardio activities. I did exercise for the months of May - July for a few times but it didn´t value anything. Tons of force I´ve lost, probaby half of it. Weight status as of today - 49,5 kilos compared to 47,5 kilos I used to maintain. Two kilos in two months. Bigger ass (as the only good thing bout it),  I feel heavier, tummy bloated, and energy is down. I am worried.  A co-teacher once said, she always gains 2-4 kilos every cold season and lose it naturally when summer comes. Whatever. Normal body change or laziness I need to get back in shape!

(high summer 2011)

Luckily, I have all the facilities to get in shape. Talking about taking advantage of a husband who is a personal trainer with a gym located at the basement of the house. Dear motivation, please start pouring.

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