15 July 2011

Chicken Burritos

This is a healthy snack I did with our leftover shredded chicken breast and the rest of the ingredients readily available from our fridge. One of those afternoon that I served my hubby a non-brazilian food made at home. Unlike most recipes, not all of the ingredients are stir-fried. Shredded chix was the only ingredient that was stir-fried with spices and butter thus making it fresh and a little crispy.

 ready to eat burrito wrap from the grocery

 The ingredients - sour cream, mozzarella, lettuce, shredded chix, yellow corn, tomatoes. Skipped the onions (hubby hates it on sandwhiches)

I don´t have sour cream in the fridge. Did my own with mayo, mustard and cream cheese. 

the wrap was heated in a non-stick pan for around 30 seconds before it was filled with fresh ingredients. Roll it out and toast a little more. Grilling the burritos is an option. 

 yummy homemade healthy mexican snack!..for my hubby who woke up at 7am to clean and repaint the gym´s outside wall while I stayed sleeping until 11am

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