16 July 2011

Pickling Chili Peppers

I grew up in a family where almost all recipe are cooked with chili and where to every food that is served, a vinegar dip is a must. Ironically I have not learned pickling chilis in the Philippines. It was only recently (here in Brazil) I have discovered pickled chilis. Now we can have this spicy condiment anytime enhancing the flavor of any meat/fish recipe.

fresh south american aji peppers

a nice clear jar

pickled chili peppers 

Easiest to prepare with vinegar, garlic and salt as complementary ingredients. Arrange the peppers vertically inside the jar with garlic at the bottom. Sprinkle with salt and pour vinegar until the jar is almost full. Pronto! Olive oil can be added for a hotter pickle. Thanks to Thaty´s family for introducing me this recipe. Blends perfectly with feijoda.

pickled peppers also serves as a kitchen decor



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