12 August 2010


A peek of what's inside my drawer. Five of my most favorite bracelets.

1. Gold bangle with diamond studs - The story was like " to be handed to the woman you will marry". A family inheritance given to me by my husband few months before our wedding. I only use this during formal events.

2. 18-Pc thin gold bangle - Bought somewhere in Pinhal. For everyday lounging at the gym and internet shop.

3. Semi-precious stone cuff - F&H Philippines, 450php. Eduardo bought me while shopping at newly-opened Eastwood mall. One of those things I couldn't include in my garage sale then. Even it consumed a little weight in my baggage I had to bring it with me to Brazil. Can only wear it when i'm wearing tones of gray, black or white (solid).

4. Gold cuff - Gold and bold bracelet from a bijoux store in Pinhal. Great with maxi dress or washed jeans with white button down or plain white shirt. Definitely cannot be worn with another cuff.

5. Bracelet set - With brown, gold, pink and beige colors. Another bracelet for my daily casual look. Sometimes I pile this up with bracelet #2 for louder and hippier look.

Accessorize, accessorize, accesorize. Surely bracelets can add power to your outfit.

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