19 September 2011

Short Shorts and Crochet Vest

This is my interpretation of a girly way of wearing a denim shorts. Pairing it with a lingerie thrown with a crochet vest over. Completing the ensemble with a wedge. Not all girls have the courage to wear denim shorts. Unless she is the boyish, athletic or wants to try fashion type, she wouldn´t wear it. For me it´s just a matter of balance. If you are so much in touch with your femininity, grabbing that girly top and accessories can pave your way to loving denim shorts.

Hey, denim shorts is my favorite kind of bottom during hot season. Got several pairs in my closet and I´ll be making several posts on how I wear them.

took photos on a "major" road,  the most familiar to me as this road takes me to Espirito Santo do Pinal where we do almost all our daily transactions (banks, groceries, doctors, shopping, work etc.) 14 km. long, 15-minute drive.

hering shorts esta├žao 2000 crochet vest thrifted lingerie top necklace&bracelets mom´s closet vintage wedge

"baby! a car is coming"...since it´s a major road we had to give way several times.

one of the big farms along the road. see the greens? they are mostly coffee.

this way please. going back to Albertina.

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