18 September 2011

Signature Hair

I´ve had my second and most probably the last haircut or rather trim for the year. Four inches was taken away and layers were kind of emphasized in front. The bangs was chopped off a bit short and was supposed to go side swept but as my hair is so straight it doesn´t want to go on the side obstructing my sight. Deep hydration was also done enhancing its colour. Ultimately, am another happy client of Ms. Cassia, the stylist who has been taking care of my hair needs since I arrived in Brazil. I´ve been sporting this hairstyle since 4th yr college and as far as I can remember, I only cut it off shoulder length once in that duration. So it´s been 10 yrs with this hairstyle and I would say it is already Cecille´s signature hair - black, long, shiny and straight.

Though long, my hair is such a low-maintenance type. How I take care of my hair on a daily basis on this post.

thrifted skirt and blouse (0800) tabita sandals bracelets from mom´s closet belt curtume

i love the discreet sheer on this top.

in my effort to express color blocking trend, i combined dark coral top and turquoise skirt 

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