01 September 2011

It´s SeptemBER

I am doubly happy with the coming of September. It´s the start of spring season and yeah I can now wear my favorite summer clothes. When Semptember comes it means that the happiest time of the year - Christmas is near.  More exciting come the last BER month as me and my hubby agreed on something. We have been adhered to the same place that´s not making us grow to the best of our God-given potential. We should move forward. September is also mom and my sisters birthday month. September is indeed loved. 

With the breaking of the month and the transition to spring, a little shopping wouldn´t hurt, grabbed my most needed basic white tee and another flipflops.
Hering basic white tee I can mix and match with a lot of bottoms. The number 1 on my list of spring/summer essential. The V-shaped collar and its texture made me chose Hering.

Havaianas sandals in candy color for day to day errands, barbeque parties, and strolling at the beach. my dermatologist forbade me from using rubber slippers but I´ve been using it lately and no sign of allergy appears. (hey, it my ugly feet..yeah i know).. 

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