19 September 2011

Homemade Fruit Jam

Aren´t they sweet? Literally sweet because of the great deal of sugar in it and the sweetness of living a simple life. These fruits are just falling on the ground from our garden and the neighborhood´s. Blackberries and oranges are fruits in season that you can get it here for free. Since we love fruit jam spread on our bread and crackers I decided to give jam making a try. Viola! Sweet fruit jams on our table for a month of consumption. Bestowed with a little creativity, these spread catch attention at the kitchen. Cute packaging.

 oranges pesonally picked by the author from her mom in-law´s garden

orange jam this much needed 10 peeled oranges, 3 cups (240ml) of sugar and 1.5 cups of water (240ml).

 they call it "amora" in portuguese. blackberries are very common in south america. freshly-picked by the husband from our client´s farm. they are sweet!

black berry jam. this size contain 5 cups of blackberries, 3 cups of sugar and 1.5 cups pf water.

Procedure (both jams)

1. boil the fruits in water until tender. around 30 mins
2. mix the sugar to the fruit mixture.
3. simmer until thickened. don´t overdo simmering as the jam will get chewy if overdone. I had mine for 15 minutes on medium fire.

When I get to the the Philippines I´ll do this for my Dad. He loves fruit jam for breakfast spread on pandesal or american bread or as dessert every meal mixing it on rice.

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