21 September 2011

Summer White Dress

The freshest basic color you can have for summer is no other than white. It makes you feel the cleanest and the most conservative. I first use this dress for the 2009 New Year´s party at home. Originally haltered but recently had it altered to make it have that simple spaghetti strap. Call it shopping escape - when you feel like buying something new and then you have this piece in your closet that´s just hanging there, alteration or transformation of that piece will satisfy your shopping cravings. Inspired by Red by Valentino, featuring the "new" white dress.

The photo shoot took place in one of the eucalyptus plantation in our area. Some huge land owners opt to plant eucalyptus than coffee. Eucalyptus doesn´t need daily care unlike coffee. You plant today, 5 years later it will give you the money less of the day to day hassle of taking care of it. One of the best locations I had so far. Lovely place.

renner dep´t store dress dumond wedge riachuelo chandelier earrings vintage bag

the inspiration for the alteration of the dress. red, valentino´s sister line.

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