08 September 2011

Independence Day Brazil

It was a national holiday in Brazil yesterday, September 7 as the nation celebrated its 189th  Independence day from Portuguese colonization. Aside from restaurants, everything was closed including the gyms. Off we went to Fratello, an italian resto (I would say the best in Pinhal) with our new neighbor to celebrate the night.

 my backdrop is the old Centro of  Espirito Santo Do Pinhal. Today, it´s the street where I usually go shopping. donned a very simple outfit for the night. first ensemble with the white v-neck shirt (posted here) paired with a dark tailored pants, red flats, red nails, brown belt and maxi necklace.

new drink discovery - chopp (draft beer) mixed with sweet red wine. drinking beer doesn´t have to be bitter.

fratello´s famous pizza. 4-flavored pizza of your choice. this italian resto is a place to bring your guests. surely you wouldn´t get frustrated. 5 stars i would rate them. 

tallarin ao pesto. a pasta you can pair your pizza with. fratello has a variety of pasta in their menu. one of my favorite pasta that reminds of my cousin Shaiyne and our date nights in UP Kiss Cafe in the Philippines.

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