05 October 2011

Serendipity : The Ring

Serendipity. Unexpected discovery. The scene. Me and mom watching TV shopping and the featured product was a set of jewelry.

Mom: I never saw you wearing the bangle (story here).
Me: I used it on our wedding day and on few special occasions.
Mom: How about the ring?
Me: A ring?! I never received nor saw one. He just gave me the bracelet.
Mom: It´s a pair. Bangle comes with a ring. I gave him on his 15th bday.

That´s exactly how I discovered that there is a ring. Found about it yesterday and since then I´ve kept asking my husband where the ring was? Another spoiled surprise. He had no choice but to wear it on me today, 12 days before our 2nd yr anniversary.  Diamond-studded 18k gold ring. Lovely. He was able to keep it for 13 years and really waited for me. Fortunately, he´s no crazy enough to hand it to one of his exes. That made it lovelier and more valuable! Eu te amo baby! MTB - meant to be.

PS. couldn´t show photo with it on my finger. got terrible nails today and only scheduled for a manicure on saturday.  thinking of painting them with one of the nail polish above...

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