12 October 2011

Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza is one the easiest recipe I learned here in Brazil. Back in the Philippines, never did I experiment on making pizza at home. Hawaiian pizza is my favorite flavor of pizza. Yes it is. I love the sweet taste that the pineapple adds to the whole pizza and it´s very light. However, this flavor of pizza is no typical in Brazil. Famous pizza houses don´t have hawaiian in their menu. I had no choice but to fed my cravings with a homemade hawaiian pizza. My 3 companions today are hubby, his friend and mom - all of them were first timers with the flavor. This medium-sized pizza was eaten quickly. Success it was! Recipe at the bottom of the post.


1 medium-sized pizza bun ( ready to bake available at the supermarket)
half pc. green bell pepper cut into 1/2 inch square
4 spoons pineapple chunks
ham (as much as you want)
5 tablespoons pizza sauce
half pc. onion thinly cut
200 grams of mozarella (100g at the bottom, 100g on top)
olive oil

PROCEDURE (as seen in order of photos)

1. pre-heat the oven (medium fire)
2. spread the pizza sauce on the bun
3. cover the bun with mozarella
4. place the ham, pineapple, green bell pepper and onions  (in an organized way - see second photo above)
5. sprinkle with oregano and pour olive oil
6. top the pizza with the rest of mozarella
7. bake for 15 minutes in a pre-heated oven

This is a very light food you can eat if you´re kind of calorie-intake conscious. The ingredients are mostly healthy.

Happy cooking and healthy eating!


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