05 October 2011

Nail Colours for Spring/Summer 2011

Nail polish is one of the most accessible mood boosters for me. I do stock several colours in my closet that I can pull out anytime. Brights especially are the ones that catches my mood whenever it needs a lift.  Here comes the hot season in Brazil when playing with brights on nail polish is a weekly task. Top picks for spring/summer 2011 after the jump.

1. Blue - Shades of denim are so hot and playful. Gemstone cobalt and turquoise are refreshing and fun. Love this Chanel denim collection.
 2. Orange - bright orange, shades of coral, light peach for a perky nails.

3. Pink - Stunning pink for nails and toes.

4. Yellow - Sunshine yellow with lacy white dress or clashing accessories.

5. Green - Wear it with short nails. Hot colours are deep leafy green or green grapes.

6. Purple - Metallic, soft lilac or eggplant is a great alternative for black polish.

7. Red - All seasons colour that can pulled-off by evry skin tone. All shades of red are considered hot.

Luckily, Brazilian nail polish brands like Colorama, Risque, Ana Hickmann are of great quality. These local brands cost real cheap compared to high end Chanel or Dior. You can buy them anytime and DIY nail polish. Viola! One great summer accessory.

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