07 November 2011

Praia Grande Ubatuba - Sao Paulo

Ubatuba Sao Paulo features over 100 beaches and one of the most visited is the Praia Grande. The beach where we had 5-day holiday just burning ourselves under the sun for an average of 6 hours a day. For those looking for a lot of excitement at the beach, Praia Grande is the place. It gets quite crowded on weekends and holidays that you can enjoy people watching and meeting new friends. All day long samba and sertaneja can be heard at the bars offering cold drinks, cocktails  and snacks on the beachside shake up the atmosphere more. White sand is so fine that makes it perfect for playing diverse beach games such as soccer, frescoball and volleyball. The constant waves are safe and fun to play with as the water does not go so deep in a relative distance from the shore. No bars on the seaside are open at night, nightlife is in downtown which is 3 kms away from the beach.  I love it the beach. Being someone who´s born in archipelago I´ve grewn up going to nice beaches and so with that high expectation. Praia Grande didn´t fail me. Check out the beach in photos after the jump.

Ubatuba is considered as the "Surf Capital of Sao Paulo."


  1. would love to go there one day, thanks for sharing day- vivian

  2. the nearest nice beach from our place and we'll definitely go to Rio Copacobana, Leblon and Ipanema..



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