20 November 2011

Fallin´in Love with BONO

We got a puppy! His name is BONO, 45-day old cutie from a pastor bitch. Unlike Jose Eduardo I don´t really like dogs. BONO is the first puppy am starting to love. I grew up not having a dog or any pet at home. Thus, am kind of distant from any animal aside from the fact that am not entertained at zoos. After having BONO for few days, I´ve started to understand why others have that much "amor" for pets. BONO is like a real baby who´s getting all the attention from everyone in the house. For the first time am caressing a dog. I feed and check him the moment I wake up. Besides, it makes me real happy seeing my hubby playing with him. Giving me an assurrance that when our human baby arrives, he´ll be the best daddy in the world.

he´s going to be a spoiled doggie

BONO you need to grow real brave so we can put off calling the police in the middle of the night whenever Jose Eduardo hears something. Brave enough to guard our house day and night.

 kind of camera shy for now
refreshing color blocking outfit for a sunny day outdoor activity with BONO. shorts SM surplus, flats Ana Capri avail at CIA Calçados, necklace & bracelets mom´s closet, green top Hering, vintage jacket

Before we went out today I was trying on gold necklaces for BONO...
Jose Eduardo : " Baby he´s a boy".
Me: Awwww... :) (want him to be a gay dog). why not?!

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