18 May 2010


I had my first brazilian rodeo experience last sunday. Albertina had the rodeo parade (desfile do cavalo) so as to start the Rodeo Festival. It was like a rodeo fashion show. Spectators and riders are both in their cowboy/cowgirl costumes. You can see some group doing their barbeque near the parade area. There's an overflowing beer, priced higher than regular days, and vendors are everywhere. Rodeo isn't new to me as i was born in Masbate, the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. Major difference i saw was the costume. Masbatenos find it awkward to wear rodeo costume if you're just spectator (especially on the parade). The atmosphere is different. This year, Masbate will celebrate its 16th Rodeo Masbateno Festival. I'm wondering how it has developed from the first time i saw it back in 1994. Anyhow, it will surely bring influx of local and foreign guests.

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  1. wow! like ko an overflowing beer... -frenesi



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