18 May 2010

Philippines - Brazil : The Travel

So how did I literally come to Brazil? Long, exhausting, boring, and expensive...that's how i want to describe the trip. Flew with KLM airline from Philippines to Brazil with Amsterdam as a stopover. Philippines to Amsterdam was 13 hours. Overnight stay in Amsterdam (around 16-hour stay), the next day another 13 hours going to Sao Paulo Brazil. Total of 26 hours inside the plane and 16 hours rest in Amsterdam passing through all the time zones. The 2-way ticket cost 2200 USD which didn't include the hotel accommodation in Amsterdam airport. As a Filipino citizen I didn't need a visa to enter Brazil. I only had my passport and return ticket which were two basic requirements for the entry. Why did i say basic? Immigration department might question your travel so you might as well prepare proof of financial capacity and a letter of invitation from a Brazilian citizen. My first travel abroad! From Asia to South America..Real far..12,149 miles

1 comment:

  1. that must be a really and exhausting trip.lucky for you still not kids in tow while traveling. For Dennis and me, we have four kids always with us. So imagine how exhausting it is to plan for the airlines, transportation, hotels, etc...

    But anyway it is a good experience for you, you get to know what airlines is better when you travel and go back to Philippines.



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